Institutskolloquium ifeas

Wintersemester 2023-24

Leitung: Nico Nassenstein

31. Okt Mariam Muwanga (Wuppertal)
Migration from Africa to Germany: narrative dynamics and the debate about Fluchtursachenbekämpfung
21. Nov Azeb Amha (Leiden)
Whistling your identity: name tunes and music among the Oyda people of Ethiopia
28. Nov Bruno Arich-Gertz (Aachen)
Covid organics: a case of differentiating human and non-human actors
5. Dez David Barasa (Kakamega & Mainz)
Omuse burial ritual: an inventory of the Tachoni linguistic practices for the dead
12. Dez Alena Rettová & Albert Kasanda (Bayreuth & Prag)
Philosophy and genre: the essay in Ciluba in the development of critical consciousness
9. Jan Birgit Hellwig (Köln)
A first foray into Qaqet children's feedback signals
16. Jan Agnes Brühwiler (Köln)
Utu as epistemology and conviviality in Kiswahili culture: anthropological linguistic perspectives on living together
23. Jan Mareike Späth (Hannover)
WechselWelten. 5 ethnological orientations at the museum
30. Jan Gunter Senft (Nijmegen)
Days that I have loved ... but the times they are a changin‘
30 years of anthropological-linguistic field research on the Trobriand Islands in Papua New Guinea
6. Feb Anette Hoffmann (Köln)
Listening to colonial history: linguistic recordings from Botswana (1908)