Dr. Hauke Dorsch


Thematische Schwerpunkte
Afrikanische Diaspora, afrikanische Popmusik, World Music, Ethnologie der Performanz, Multilokale Forschung, Cultural Studies, (Post-)Kolonialismus

Regionale Schwerpunkte
Westliches und südliches Afrika, Kuba, USA, Deutschland, Großbritannien

Wissenschaftlicher Leiter des Archivs für die Musik Afrikas



Liturgische Musik als Ort der Emanzipierung afrikanischer Nonnen?

Liturgische Musik als Ort der Emanzipierung afrikanischer Nonnen?
Kora und Emanzipation in weltlicher und liturgischer Musik



Anthropology of Music Lecture Series and Master Class

In summer 2018, the first edition of our new “Anthropology of Music Lecture Series and Master Class” took place. It is part of a new initiative to further strengthen and expand the focus on music at the Department of Anthropology and African Studies (ifeas), Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz, Germany. Combining a public lecture series held by one of the field’s most established representative with a Master Class designed for young researchers to present their works, this new format provides a unique opportunity to discuss ongoing research and reflect on the current state of anthropological engagements with music and sound.

In 2018, we focused the topic of Valuing Music and welcomed Timothy Taylor, professor of ethnomusicology and musicology at the University of Los Angeles (UCLA), as expert on this topic. In a series of three public lectures, Timothy Tayler explored questions of value with respect to music as a form of cultural production. Simultaneously, the Master Class on the same topic took place, providing a group of 13 young researchers from across the globe with the opportunity to present their work, discuss it with leading exponents of their field (Timothy Taylor among them) and relate it to recent developments and debates. See also: http://www.ifeas.uni-mainz.de/3432.php and http://anthropologyofmusic.com/

The focus of the 2019 edition is on “acoustemology”, and we are therefore glad to welcome Steven Feld, Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Anthropology at the University of New Mexico (USA) and Senior Scholar at the School for Advanced Research, Santa Fe, New Mexico (USA), to serve as both our guest lecturer and main discussant in the master class.

Steven Feld introduced the concept of acoustemology in the early 1990s, conjoining ‘acoustic’ and ‘epistemology’ in order to pursue the social study of sound as a way of knowing and being in the world. In the 2019 lecture series, Steven Feld will present the current state of his own thinking about and through acoustemology. He will also demonstrate how acoustemological approaches may contribute to ongoing theoretical debate on globalization, neoliberal capitalism, environmental change and human-nonhuman-interactions, and thus may speak to some of the most pressing questions of our times. The master class directly relates to this topic and we are looking forward to contributions which further explore the potential of acoustemology concerning ethnographic studies of music and sound.

The next Anthropology of Music Lecture Series and Master Class will take place from June 26 to June 29, 2019. The Call for Papers will be published soon on http://anthropologyofmusic.com/ .  ...

Ausstellung: Stolen Moments

Das AMA war an der Konzeption und Organisation des Projekts "Stolen Moments - Namibian Music History Untold" von 2014 - 2017 beteiligt.  ...

Konferenz 'Memory, Power and Knowledge in African Music and Beyond'

Gemeinsam mit der Dhow Countries Music Academy, dem Center for World Music Hildesheim, der University of Cape Coast Ghana und der University of Maiduguri Nigeria organisierte das AMA die Konferenz 'Memory, Power and Knowledge in African Music and Beyond' vom 10 bis 13. Juni 2015 in Sansibar, Tansania.  ...

African Music in the 21st Century. An Iconic Turn

Symposium, Mainz, 13. - 16.6.2012 (mit Matthias Krings). (Cfp, Programm).