Jun.-Prof. Dr. Nico Nassenstein

Juniorprofessor for African Languages and Linguistics

Research Interests
Sociolinguistics (Variationist Sociolinguistics, Sociolinguistics of Globalization), Pragmatics, Anthropological Linguistics, Postcolonial Linguistics, structural and sociolinguistic analysis of Lingala, Kikongo-Kituba, Congo Swahili varieties, Kinyarwanda-Kirundi, Linguistic Creativity, Language Ideologies, Youth Language Practices, Language and Tourism, Language and Identity, Language and Conflict, Rural and Urban language, World Englishes in Africa

Research Areas
DR Congo, Rwanda-Burundi, Uganda, Kenya, Spain (Baleares), Belgium (Brussels)

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Nico Nassenstein is assistant professor (“Juniorprofessor”) of African Linguistics at the Department of Anthropology and African Studies since 2017. With a focus on Bantu languages such as Lingala, Kikongo-Kituba, Kiswahili, Luganda and Kinyarwanda-Kirundi, he (mainly) works in the broader area of sociolinguistics, pragmatics and postcolonial linguistics. His main research interests cover topics such as urbanity and rurality, globalization, language and tourism, the interconnectedness of language and conflict scenarios, and also youth language practices. He has conducted fieldwork in the DR Congo (2009-2014), Uganda (2011-2017), Kenya (since 2015) and has worked on sociolinguistic topics in Rwanda, Burundi, Spain and Belgium. Recently, he has developed an interest in researching the linguistic aspects of sex tourism along the East African coast, in swearing and cursing patterns in language as well as in the analysis of old Bangala speakers’ linguistic performance in Arua, Uganda. Since June 2016, he is part of an interdisciplinary research project on language and migration in Mallorca, Spain.