Simone Pfeifer, M.A.


Research Interests
Media anthropology and audio-visual anthropology, migration, mobility and transnationalism, kinship, gender and generations, digital and media ethnography

Research Area
Senegal, Germany, Hungary, Malta


Foto (Fotograf: Florian Stürtz)


Simone Pfeifer is a postdoctoral researcher at the junior research group “Jihadism on the Internet” at the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz. She studied Visual Anthropology, Social and Cultural Anthropology, Psychology and History in Heidelberg, Cologne and Manchester. Before coming to Mainz, she has been part of the Research Training Group ‘Locating Media’ at the University of Siegen and the DFG research project ‘Media-related configurations of translocal social spaces by West-African migrants in Europe’ at the University of Cologne. Her doctoral research focused on media practices and transnational social relationships of Senegalese in Berlin and Dakar with a focus on visual and digital media practices. In her new research, she looks at the circulation and appropriation of Islamic and Islamist videos and images in social media, with a special focus on gender-specific and affective dimensions of these processes.

Medienpraktiken: Situieren, erforschen, reflektieren - to be translated

Mark Dang-Anh, Simone Pfeifer, Clemens Reisner and Lisa Villioth (eds.) Medienpraktiken: situieren, erforschen, reflektieren. In: Navigationen – Zeitschrift für Medien- und Kulturwissenschaften 17 (1).  ... 

Research Project