George M. Bob-Milliar

George M. Bob-Milliar is a multi-disciplinary scholar by training. He is currently a Senior Lecturer in Political Studies and the Head of the Department of History and Political Studies, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi in Ghana. He lectures on the Politics and History degrees programmes at the Department of History and Political Studies. He has been invited to the Department of Anthropology and African Studies, Johannes Gutenberg University, by Prof. Dr. Carola Lentz, in the context of her research project on national days in West Africa and in the course of preparing MA and BA students’ supervised fieldwork in Ghana’s Upper West Region. He stayed in Mainz from 13-16 December, 2016. He presented his findings on the recent Ghanaian elections in the departmental seminar series on December 13, 2016.

Bob-Milliar obtained his PhD in African Studies, with specialization in politics and development from the University of Ghana, Legon. He has been visiting fellow at Cambridge University, Makerere University, and the Danish Institute for International Studies. His areas of research cut across political science, history, and development studies. His research interests include democratic studies; political participation; political economy of development; culture, religion and ethnicity; qualitative methods; informal institutions; regional, local and urban politics; African diaspora and migration patterns.

He has published in the top ranked journals in his field of specialization including The Journal of Modern African Studies, African Affairs, Democratization, Journal of Asian and African Studies, Africa, African Review of Economics & Finance, Urban Anthropology, International Journal of African Historical Studies, and African Studies Quarterly. His scholarly work has also been presented at leading international conferences and published as chapters in peer-reviewed books. His article, “Chieftaincy, diaspora, and development: the institution of Nkɔsuohene in Ghana,” African Affairs, Vol. 108, No. 433 was the winner of the 2010 African Author Award. This prize is awarded for the best article published in African Affairs by an author based in an African institution, or an African Ph.D. student based in an overseas university. In 2012 he was also awarded by the Waterloo-based International Governance Innovation (CIGI) for his contribution to research on African policy issues. His paper was selected and published as “Discontent and aggressive political participation in Ghana: the case of party ‘foot-soldiers”, in Erica Shaw & Hayley Mackinnon (eds.), Africa Rising: A Continent’s Future through the Eyes of Emerging Scholars, Waterloo, Canada: CIGI Publication, 2013. Furthermore, Bob-Milliar sits on the editorial boards of African Affairs and African Review of Economics & Finance.


Khadidja Bourib

Khadidja Bourib is Assistant Professor in Political Sciences and International Relations at the Department of Political Sciences, Faculty of Law and Political Sciences, of the Jijel University (Algeria). Presently, she is doing research in International Relations in order to complete her doctorate thesis on "Crisis of state in Africa: The impact of ethnic-identity factor on the process of building effective national state." She has benefited from a short-term formation by the Ministry of Higher education and Scientific Research in Algeria and stayed in Germany from 4-14 December in order to work at our departmental library.