Dr. Nanneke Winters


Key research interests
Migration, mobility and development; translocal livelihoods; intra-household carework; remittances; borders and border-crossings; illegalization of migrants; migrant skills and capabilities; refugees and minorities; intersectionality; multi-method, multi-sited and longitudinal research methodologies

Key research areas
Central America (Belize, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica); Ecuador; Spain

Current research project
African trajectories across Central America: Dynamics of displacements, transitory emplacements, and ambivalent migration nodes

Selected publications

Winters, N. (2016) Embedding remittances: A methodological note on financial diaries in Nicaragua. Tijdschrift voor Economische en Sociale Geografie (Journal of Economic and Social Geography) 108 (2): 175-189.


Winters, N. (2014) Responsibility, mobility, and power: translocal carework negotiations of Nicaraguan families. International Migration Review 48 (2): 415-441.


Steel, G., N. Winters & C. Sosa (2011) Mobility, translocal development and the shaping of development corridors in (semi-)rural Nicaragua. International Development Planning Review 33 (4): 409-428.